5530-17It may seem as though pallet networks have been part of the logistics scene for a long time, but in fact it’s less than two decades since Palletline, the pioneers of the sector, shipped their first 51 pallets back in February 1992.

Today, Palletline regularly moves over 10,000 pallets around the country each and every night – but dramatic growth in volume isn’t the only advance made by this dynamic and forward-thinking organisation.

5530-26No other network has moved as fast as Palletline to optimise services and opportunities for customers nationwide, developing new services and enhancing existing offerings.  Astonishingly, Palletline now provides a technology solution which is more advanced than many of the leading European 3PLs, providing total freight transparency from collection through to delivery.

So how is Palletline different?

Equipped with entirely new and market leading technology, the Palletline service has taken on the value and scope of a 3PL solution, offering a realistic alternative across the supply chain.

In short, the technologically enhanced network can provide a comprehensive range of services from warehousing to distribution, yet on a far more economical basis. What’s more, these services are available on an ‘as required’ basis, stripping cost out of the equation.

And how are end users benefiting?

palletlinePalletline’s groundbreaking technological developments have impacted across the business, increasing efficiency, further enhancing quality control systems and opening the door to a range of new services offering added value for customers.

Key innovations included the introduction of combined scanning and image capture equipment, injecting added efficiency into the process by speeding up quality control procedures and increasing freight visibility as well as contributing towards automating the claims procedure.

Benefits to customers are immense, with visual evidence of any freight presentation or delivery issues immediately available, helping to determine liability and minimise claims costs.

In addition, Palletline successfully implemented digital signature capture across the system. Deliveries in the UK are now achieved using totally automated procedures accepted across the Palletline network, via a robust and reliable solution which is already yielding defined commercial benefits including stripping out hidden costs and giving access to more accurate information.

freight-scanning-3Providing reliable distribution solutions for all areas of the food and drink industry – from products as fragile as eggs through to real ales and fine wines – Palletline offers better, smarter solutions. These advances are already encouraging customers to attach far greater value to working with Palletline and its Member Companies, successfully driving down cost throughout the supply chain.



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