mos2010002-mosca_sonixs_taiMosca, one of the world’s leading experts in strapping machines and materials, is exhibiting its latest dedicated solutions for the graphics industry at IPEX, with the chance to see the company’s state-of-the-art SoniXs technology in action as well as examples from its extensive range of bundle strappers and pallet presses.

SoniXs is Mosca’s advance in ultrasonic technology, offering considerable speed and sealing advantages over conventional strapping methods. Ultrasonic sealing is very efficient, with the tensile strength representing 85% of the tensile strength of the strap used. As a result, the strap can withstand greater stresses during transportation and it is also often possible to use lower cost, narrower or thinner strap material. SoniXs machines are also more economical and produce lower emissions, with practically no fumes or smells produced, and by avoiding heat sealing techniques there is no residue build-up caused by melted strap to dispose of.

The Mosca stand will feature several working SoniXs machines designed specifically with the needs of the graphics industry in mind. Several bundle strappers will be on display, including the versatile SoniXs TRP and the SoniXs TAI (comprising a SoniXs TRI in-strapper and a SoniXs-TR cross-strapper). In addition, Mosca is showing the stand-alone SoniXs-MP semi-automatic strapping machine, which can strap at a rate of over 60 cycles per minute as opposed to 40 cycles using a conventional heat-sealing machine.

“We’re excited that visitors to IPEX will be able to see Mosca SoniXs technology at first hand,” explains Peter Foster.  “Reliable end-of-line strapping is a must to ensure the smooth delivery of products from the pressroom, and SoniXs’ speed, strength and reliability offer enormous benefits to post-press operations.”

For pallets, Mosca is running a KCK-131 press, incorporating an integrated lift turn cross to enable four-way strapping. The machine is capable of speeds up to 120 pallets an hour for two parallel straps, or 60 pallets an hour for four way cross-strapping.

The final machine on the stand is Mosca’s recently launched ROMP-K high-speed stand-alone automatic strapping machine, designed specifically for the wholesale distribution sector. Using the same proven sealing head as Mosca’s best-selling ROMP-4, the new model offers a simplified design with a more compact body, allowing it to be placed comfortably in busy wholesale and distribution environments. Operated by a simple foot pedal, to aid the ROMP-K’s flexibility and convenience a pedal is located on either side of the machine.

Mosca is one of the world’s leading suppliers of strapping solutions, with forty years of experience and a global reputation for innovation. Delivering high-quality specialised solutions to the print, publishing & media industries, the Mosca name is synonymous with fast throughputs, reliable performance and user-friendly operation.

Mosca equipment, servicing, spare parts and strapping materials are available in the UK from its wholly owned subsidiary Mosca Direct of Cotgrave, Nottingham.

Mosca Direct Ltd

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