adnams-resizedContinuing its 15-year history of providing East Anglian brewer, retailer and hotel chain, Adnams, with quality products and a first rate service, Dexion was Adnams automatic choice when it came to choosing a provider to re-fit its eco-distribution centre in Southwold, Suffolk. Dexion had previously provided Adnams with a wide aisle racking system for the warehouse, on the site where they have been operating in Southwold, Suffolk, for over 100 years. However when Adnams decided to consolidate their warehousing facilities, more space was required at Southwold, Dexion then suggested Stronglock Narrow Aisle (NA) Pallet racking and provided Adnams with a turnkey operation that included design, manufacture and installation. This refit also had to be conducted while the warehouse still operated, but was completed on schedule with little or no disruption to normal warehouse operations.

Adnams eco-distribution centre is a large, single-storey warehouse with associated loading and storage areas measuring approximately 4,400m2. It is situated within a disused gravel pit set in 85 acres of grassland. The gravel pit offers thermal stability because it is below ground level, and the surrounding wildlife park shields the building from view and minimises the impact of noise and light. The walls are built from blocks made out of lime, quarry waste and hemp, all locally sourced, which have excellent mechanical, insulating and environmental qualities. The insulation is a loose mix of hemp and lime. Lime/hemp construction has considerable environmental benefits. The distribution centre is on course to be one of the first commercial buildings to receive a BRE Environmental Assessment method (Breeam) ‘excellent’ rating for energy efficiency.

Dexion conducted an in-depth survey of the site and then submitted detailed CAD drawings to Adnams’ consultant Charles Anderson. To maximise the space available, Dexion suggested the NA racking configuration, which could be operated in conjunction with Flexi/Bendi trucks, this would enable Adnams to carry out an efficient pick, pack and distribution operation. The racking system, designed to accommodate 1,600 pallets weighing approximately 1,000kg, comprises of 6.3m and 7.65m high frames to fit the changing curved roofline.

Dexion’s Stronglock Narrow Aisle Racking makes optimum use of the floor area and warehouse height (up to 12m high), while still permitting individual access to all pallets. It combines the speed of throughput and access to individual pallets of Adjustable Pallet Racking but with increased use of the cubic space available.

Commenting Charles Anderson said:  “Dexion has always provided us with a first-rate service. As the second installation needed to be completed within a tight schedule and we also needed to ensure that the facility could operate at the same time, we knew that Dexion had the expertise and experience to deliver our business needs.”

“Dexion’s customised Narrow Aisle racking system has increased storage space utilisation whilst enabling easy and efficient picking”, said Andrew Brook, Warehouse Manager at Adnams. “The system is working really efficiently and has enabled us to deliver improved distribution levels”.

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