ste01-rcg04-04The new STE01-RCG Quick Changer developed by STS Safety Trolley Systems can pick up and rotate rolls with different internal core diameters. This is achieved because the operator can change the core gripper sleeve from 76mm – 150mm. It takes the operator a mere 45 seconds to change from one to another.

Another problem with core grippers was that they could only pick up rolls that did not telescope. This new unit is able to cope with telescoping rolls by adding a special external power-clamping arm. The arm automatically clamps to the outside of the roll once the core gripper has expanded in the roll.

Unlike a pure outside clamping unit that requires space round the roll to get the clamping pads around the roll, this system allows the operator to pick up rolls that are grouped together on a pallet.

Because all STS units are designed and built in the UK, customers can have exactly the unit to suit their application.

STS manufacture Roll Handling Units to suit rolls from 20-1500Kg, visit to see videos or call 01736-851050 for more details.

Safety Trolley Systems Ltd

Tel: +44(0)1736 851050

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