hpim1568Thermo King has completed its first retrofit installation of the new light-weight X-900 rooftop unit for bus operator Liburnija.

Liburnija operates a fleet of 50 city buses (Mercedes & MAN) in Zadar, Croatia and is planning on purchasing a further 50 air conditioned buses by 2011.

Fleet Manager Mr. Branko Valcic of Liburnija is delighted with the performance of the X-900, he said: “I have been extremely impressed with the Thermo King X-900 and the quality of the retrofit installation. The unit provides a constant airflow throughout the entire bus and filters additional cool air to the front bus compartment, offering both the driver and his passenger’s maximum comfort. So far, the upgrades have been well received by all our drivers.”

So successful has the new component installation been that Liburnija plans to retrofit a further six buses with the Thermo King X-900.

Igor Tomljanovic, general manager of Termobil, Thermo King‚s dealer in Croatia, said: “Thermo King’s new X-900 is a truly innovative one piece light-weight unit with significantly shorter dimensions and a capacity of 35 kW. It also features a greener, reduced refrigerant charge of just 3 kg. The X-900 also produces impressively consistent airflow, even while travelling at different speeds. One of the features of the X900 that helps deliver this is the new CANAIRE control system.”

Thermo King’s Bus Team combined with Thermo King Bus and Rail Channel Partners to help develop the X-900. Their joint expertise and market experience has ensured that the features and benefits are connected to the customers‚ needs. Together the group provides daily support to Thermo King customers all over Europe.

One significant development for the X-900 is that it is possible to have the condenser section pointed to the rear of the bus (and not to the front) without creating issues of hot air from the condenser coil re-entering the air intake of the condenser.

Thermo King continues to improve and develop products to provide innovative new solutions for its customers.

Thermo King is the global leader in solutions for temperature-controlled transport, supplying the world market from 11 production facilities and over 800 distributors world-wide. The company offers a wide range of refrigeration and heating units for vehicles of all sizes, from small vans to large trailers, as well as airborne and ocean-going containers. In addition Thermo King provides heating, ventilation and air-conditioning equipment for passenger buses and railcars.

Thermo King also offers service maintenance programmes and finance solutions as well as a range of accessories and temperature monitoring and tracking equipment.

For more information on Thermo King’s products and services please visit www.thermoking.com

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