mckechnie1After a year spent searching the European market for a dedicated tool room truck with the flexibility to lift and handle a wide range of tooling sizes, leading injection moulding manufacturer McKechnie Plastic Components turned to the UK’s Stanley Handling.

To fulfill new orders, the company needed to introduce tooling of up to 12,000kg in weight and with a footprint of two square meters. As in most UK manufacturing facilities, overhead cranes were used over moulding machines but for moving both the new equipment and existing medium sized tools between production area and tool room a new solution would be needed. Few companies, though, offered the design and manufacturing capabilities to produce a suitable truck, let alone being able to meet the rapidly approaching delivery date for the new tooling.

However, following detailed discussions with the ROBUR technical team and Stanley Handling, a dedicated specification that would suit all McKechnie’s tool sizes was drawn up, one that would also permit access around the site’s narrow gangways and restricted spaces.

When Stanley confirmed that the 12,000kg powered pallet truck could be designed, manufactured and delivered in sixteen weeks, the deal was done.

As McKechnie’s engineering manager, Trevor Ives, commented, “Stanley Handling’s technical expertise and experience and their willingness to engineer a tailor-made solution to our specific problem all within a very demanding timeframe made them the only choice in Europe!”

Stanley Handling Limited

Sarah Stanley

Tel: 01582 767711


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