unknownEuropean pallet pooling specialist IPP Logipal has reported that it more than doubled the size of its business in the UK&I last year due to record demand for its one-way trip pallet service.

As many companies struggled in the tough economic climate, IPP Logipal has clearly demonstrated that its pallet system is fast becoming a major force across a wide range of industry sectors.

Part of the Faber Halbertsma Group, the UK and Ireland operation was established in 2005 and has rapidly expanded as it supersedes the costly and inefficient exchange model. The company now works together with customers and retailers across the grocery, fresh produce, packaging, DIY, ambient, chilled and frozen food sectors.

Phil Storer, IPP Logipal Director and European Vice President, comments: “Over the last five years we have made great strides in the UK and Ireland based on creating value for our customers, we have secured new contracts in a wide range of sectors and are investing significantly in growing the business whilst adding much needed competition into the market.

“Throughout the supply chain there is a focus on improving efficiency, cutting out unnecessary cost but maintaining a high level of customer service. We work closely with our customers to introduce initiatives and collaborate with transport operators to ensure their pallet service exceeds those demands.”

In 2009 IPP Logipal opened its eleventh pallet handling facility including a major new site in Leicester to support a market leading brand producer. Based at The Widdowson Group, the facility has the capability to handle three-million pallets a year. Storer predicts that during the coming year the company will be handling double digit millions of pallets a year.

IPP Logipal has further plans for investment and expansion. Storer says: “In the coming year we’ll be investing several £-million in the industry to generate value in the supply chain. This will create jobs both directly and indirectly as we provide more work for hauliers, manufacturers and saw mills. Our business model is very effective and always centres on the customer. With a unique blend of quality, simplicity and value, we’re forecasting growth of 50% in 2010.”

IPP Logipal

Tel: 01676 524000


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