bel-partnership-logo“It is the combination of traceability, handling efficiency and better information about the location and condition of products that can be achieved with RFID that makes it so attractive to a growing number of companies – large and small – all around the world.“

Equipment Tracking, specialists in the development of innovative software solutions for pallet and equipment tracking markets, has announced that it had recently signed a partnership agreement with Belgravium, a manufacturer of rugged mobile computing devices. Equipment Tracking will offer Belgravium RFID enabled handheld computers as a platform for its asset management software within the leading manufacturing, warehousing and logistics organisations – the solution will enable end-to-end control of equipment pool, saving time, money and driving improved performance.

The alliance will see Equipment Tracking utilising Belgravium’s Boston 8500 and Atlanta 8000 series rugged handheld devices as a hardware platform for their MPC and ERICA solutions. The joint solution will add enable improved traceability, handling efficiency and better information about the location and condition of products via the incorporation of RFID functionality.

Mike Turner, Belgravium’s Group Marketing Manager enthuses “Our own reputation is directly influenced by our choice of software partner and clients – we are delighted to be working with Equipment Tracking because of the quality of their solutions and the company’s overall professionalism, the alliance will enable us to capitalise on the growth of RFID technology with a best of breed end to end solution”

About Equipment Tracking Ltd

Equipment Tracking was founded over 14 years ago and is recognised as one of the most innovative developers of software for pallet and equipment tracking. Their solutions are continually evolving to meet the ever changing requirements of the global supply chain industry.

As experts in the management of pallets, Equipment Tracking have created two main service offerings – the supply of software or a total management service. Their two software systems can track any type of equipment that needs balances monitoring on either an organisations own or suppliers/customers sites:

MPC (Multi Product Control)

Today’s supply chain demands integrated systems that provides them with real-time information; a secure, robust system that integrates and collates delivery and receipt data – giving companies the power to manage their balances and reconcile the accuracy of supplier invoices.

Giving you the tools to manage all balances, automated declarations and invoice reconciliation, MPC removes the need to use a different supplier portal for each pallet type. The system significantly reduces administrative time as flexible data entry options give companies the opportunity to capture the majority despatch and receipt data with minimal manual intervention.

ERICA (Equipment, Reconciliation, Invoicing, and Control Application)

A software solution providing complete end-to-end control of your equipment pool. ERICA was designed to be the operating system for pools of any type of equipment. At its core ERICA provides a robust and extensively configurable model of your real world equipment flows. Through its balances and equipment reporting, ERICA helps you to understand where your equipment is and how it’s being used.

ERICA’s extensive functionality provides tools to manage equipment flow, planning collections, and maintaining sites required equipment levels. A flexible charging model allows ERICA to raise charges for equipment use or implement deposit and refund schemes to help reduce equipment attrition.
Equipment can be uniquely identified via Barcode or RFID, providing an exact, item level understanding of where your equipment is, and how it got there.

Belgravium Ltd

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