ram2Union Industries, the market leading manufacturer of the Matadoor range of Hi-Speed Doors, is helping to keep traffic moving at Toyota Manufacturing UK’s factory in Derbyshire. The Leeds based company has installed one of its heavy-duty Ramdoors at the manufacturing plant.  Car components are transported, through the Ramdoor and then distributed around the production lines.

Measuring 6 metres wide by 4.5 metres high, the Ramdoor replaced a problematic fold-up style door, which slowed traffic down due to its unreliable operation.

The Ramdoor’s fast-acting operation is triggered by induction loop sensors in the floor which, in-turn activates a traffic light system on either side of the opening, turning the lights to green when the door is in the fully-open position to let approaching traffic know that it is safe to proceed through the door.

The busy internal road system at Toyota Manufacturing UK’s Derbyshire plant, which manufactures the Auris and Avensis models, sees continual traffic from delivery lorries and vehicle transporters as well as from the on-site trucks that move parts around the site.

Consequently, the reliability of the rapid action door from the storage area plays a key part in keeping production flowing around the site, hence Toyota Manufacturing UK’s decision to change the existing door to a Union door.

Apart from its reliability, Union’s Ramdoor provides the additional benefit of helping maintain building temperatures through its fast-acting operational speed.  Opening in excess of one metre per second and closing automatically after a short time delay, the Ramdoor also prevents the elements from entering the building as well as providing extra security for areas that require continual access.

Manufactured as part of the Matadoor range of Hi-Speed Roller Doors, the Ramdoor feature Union’s infamous ‘Crash-Out’ facility, which ensures the door remains operable if hit by a vehicle. And as is common to all doors in the Matadoor Range, the Ramdoor is supplied as standard with a fire retardant and anti-static door blade, which are beneficial features for all working environments.

Richard Allen, Group Leader, Facilities and Environment for Toyota Manufacturing UK, said: “Maintaining consistent parts flow is a key part of the Toyota Production system, the Ramdoor allows a good flow of traffic into the roadways as well as the important environmental benefit of reducing heat loss from inside the building.”

Neil Irwin, Technical Sales Engineer from Union Industries, said: “The Matadoor range has established an excellent reputation for reliability in high traffic areas, which is proving attractive to organisations of Toyota Manufacturing UK’s standing. Together with its environmental benefits and low maintenance requirements, the range has become the high speed door solution for a cross-section of industrial sectors.”

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