unioncdsUnion Industries, the market leading manufacturer of the ground-breaking Eiger Freezer Door, has continued its expansion into Europe with another installation in Germany.

The Yorkshire based company has installed an Eiger Door at CDS Hackner GmbH, which manufactures natural casings for sausages and also produces offal products and raw animal materials for pet food and the pharmaceutical sector.

CDS Hackner GmbH chose the Eiger Door following the 2008 Intercool Exhibition in Düsseldorf.  Managing Director, Herr Hanspeter Hackner, visited Union’s stand at the show where he saw the impressive fast acting Eiger Door, which has taken the UK cold storage market by storm over recent years.

The company, which is based in Crailsheim in the state of Baden-Württemberg, invited Union to its main facility in 2009 to discuss its requirement for a new freezer door.

Union’s Eiger Door perfectly meets the demands of CDS Hackner GmbH’s cold storage facility. The door is positioned between an area maintained at 8°C, to a freezer which has a regulated temperature of -24°C.

The Eiger Door replaces a vertical rise insulated door which was constantly being damaged by internal traffic moving product in and out of the freezer. This in turn, caused issues with snow and ice build up around the opening, resulting in increased energy use due to the freezer requiring more regular defrost cycles. These are the issues that the Eiger Door has been developed to overcome.

Opening at 1.6 metres per second and closing automatically after a short regulated time, the Eiger allows for continuous traffic flow without compromising freezer temperature and prevents the build up of ice and frost around the doorway. Consequently, energy savings can be made resulting in reduced running and operating costs of industrial cold stores & freezers.

To meet the high hygiene standards required by CDS Hackner GmbH, and like many companies within the food industry sector, Union has finished many of the door’s parts, such as the door frame, hood cover, seals and brackets, in non-standard Grade 304 stainless steel.

The door at CDS Hackner GmbH, which measures approximately 2.5 metres wide and 3.5m high, is operated via pull cords to each side with a pull to open and an automatic closing system, which is suitable for all traffic types.

Integral to the smooth running of the doors is the patented dehumidified air circulatory system, which removes the moisture that causes ice to form while also keeping the drive and working parts dry and clean

union-logo1The Eiger Door is also the only industrial freezer door that incorporates a bottom beam ‘Crash-Out’ device, which minimises the effect of impact damage usually caused by forklift trucks. This system is supported by an ‘Auto-Reset’ facility allowing the door to continue working following impact, which ensures the freezer’s operation remains uninterrupted.

Herr Hanspeter Hackner, Managing Director of CDS Hackner GmbH, said: “I was impressed with what I saw of the Eiger Door at the Intercool Exhibition and I was interested to see what Union Industries could achieve at our factory.

“We operate to very strict rules in the food industry and I am pleased to say the Eiger Door meets these regulations.  Its low maintenance and minimal downtime capabilities were particularly attractive as this is key to our productivity and temperature control in our freezer area.”

Alan Hirst, Sales Director at Union Industries, said: “We have been marketing the Eiger Door across Germany following the launch at the Düsseldorf exhibition and the response has been very positive.

“In the UK and Ireland, the Eiger Door has already proven to be a real revelation in the refrigeration sectors of various ‘blue chip’ companies such as Aldi Stores Ltd, Tesco Stores Ltd and ASDA Wal-Mart. We believe that as respected European-based companies, such as CDS Hackner GmbH, adopt the Eiger it will become equally as successful on the continent.”

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