gpa_01_2009_2Even the most sophisticated process can stall when parts commissioning and palletizing are not reliable. For an application at SSI Schaefer in Neunkirchen (Germany), GPA Jacob developed a bespoke solution using KABELSCHLEPP cable chains. SSI Schaefer is one of the world’s largest providers and component manufacturers for warehouse and storage equipment. GPA Jacob, specialised in automation systems, developed a complete solution including wrapping, pallet management and complete material handling. The initial palletising is handled by two linear robots. To achieve maximum availability and reliability, the designers used the proven cable conveyors of Kabelschlepp Uniflex range

Safe cable management, horizontal and vertical travel

The stacking device at the end of the line has high reliability and availability requirements. Issues and downtimes on picking would immediately result in a backlog of the entire line which would subsequently have to be stopped. Thus, GPA Jacob design focused on the proven and reliable cable conveyors like the Uniflex range of Kabelschlepp.

Solutions for any application, immediately available

The economical Uniflex range of the Basic line offers a broad range of variants in sizes, covers and multiple opening options. All of these are readily available from stock.

Apart from the high torsion resistance, Uniflex offers a rigid double lock link allowing long travel without support.

For easy looming, the chains can be opened to both sides. A variable divider system allows diverse separation options. This is important to separate cable, hose, pipe and ducts of different diameters for reliable routing. Guiding of hydraulic hoses is improved by lock stays delivering secure fastening.

Avoiding noise and vibration

Most systems designed by GPA Jacob predominantly use the proven and reliable Uniflex range. However, more sophisticated designs use other products from the wide KABELSCHLEPP programme. “In applications where chains travel at high speeds it is important to keep noise and vibration levels down”, explains Joachim Speck, Design Engineer. “This is why in some applications, traveling 6 m/sec and at accelerations of 40 m/sec2, we have used the quiet and low vibration Quantum range.”

These chains, specifically developed for high speeds and accelerations, offer smooth and quiet travel due to the linkless design with a minimal pitch.

KABELSCHLEPP can deliver systems fully loomed to specification, ready for easy installation on site, or to sub assemblies. “We love the challenge of developing the right solution from our wide range of products, based on close consultation“ says Ben Arnz, MD of KABELSCHLEPP Metool in Ilkeston.

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