coopertires3Reducing manual handling and improving safety were the aims when Stanley Handling supplied ROBUR PV80 Microlifters to the Cooper Tire & Rubber Company’s European HQ and manufacturing site in Wiltshire.

During the tyre manufacturing process, full rolls of cord and rubber weighing up to 160kg are loaded into a ‘servicer’ that feeds the production line. Each roll has a liner or backing which is peeled off as the roll is unwound. The empty liner, weighing up to 35kg, is then discarded.

Traditionally the rolls were loaded into the servicer by hoist but because the empty rolls exit the rear of the unit which cannot be accessed by the hoist, they required removal by hand.

The robust PV80 microlifters, fitted with an upward tilt to avoid roll-off, can be positioned flush to the servicer, removing the need for manual unloading. According to Health and Safety Manager, Jeff Challoner; “These lifters are easy to use and make the job a lot safer and easier. That’s what we’ve come to expect from Stanley.”

The PV80 can effortlessly lift up to 80kg and has a lift height up to 1760mm. The design incorporates a load platform and forks for pallet handling as well as a foot-activated safety break for stability during loading and lifting. Furthermore, the microlifter has a high density polythene load area, smooth working surfaces and an encased drive mechanism, making it particularly suitable for areas where hygiene is a priority, hence its popularity in healthcare applications.

Working environments range from pharmacies to operating theatres and antenatal units where sterile medical supplies and equipment are handled in confined spaces and under emergency conditions. The ROBUR PV80 Microlifter is currently in operation in more than fifty hospitals and healthcare organisations through the UK including Addenbrookes, Guy’s, Great Ormond Street, Royal London, University College and Pfizer.

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