dscf2472Cambridge BioFreeze has been started recently by chemistry and logistics specialist, Adam Michael. Based in smart new premises at Saffron Walden, Essex, his company specialises in bio banking, disaster recovery, equipment storage and laboratory removals for the biotechnology sector.

If a biological company suffers mechanical breakdown, fire, flood or power failure, decades of work costing millions of pounds can be lost. With bio banking, Cambridge BioFreeze can carry out offsite storage across a temperature range form plus 4 degrees C to minus 196 degrees C. Storage of temperature sensitive biological samples utilises a “state-of-the-art” temperature monitoring system with the additional safeguards of back-up power generation and full security and fire monitoring systems. For disaster recovery, Cambridge offer to be on site within four hours to collect samples, etc., and return them safely to their storage facility. They can also carry out laboratory removals taking care of all the complications involved with this.

To transport temperature sensitive biological products, Cambridge BioFreeze use Olivo portable insulated containers. Two types of chest containers (BAC 420 and the smaller BAC 130) are used with dry-ice refrigerant. Adam Michael has past experience of the quality and reliability of Olivo containers so when he started up his new company, this was the first equipment to be purchased. The Olivo products benefit from over fifty years of development and production with a fully deserved reputation for providing safe transport in these very strong containers with a high level of insulation. Already used widely in the food and pharmaceutical logistics industries, this new biotechnology usage opens up a new sector for Olivo. Cambridge BioFreeze is fully committed to quality and temperature control –  exactly what Olivo provide!

More information: 01394 412123

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