new-qp-1210-hrr-5r-heavy-duty-plastic-palletThe UK’s leading independent supplier of plastic pallets has introduced a new heavy duty pallet to its comprehensive range of plastic pallets – the QP 1210 HRR 5R.
Manufactured by Qpall in the Netherlands, holds exclusive distribution rights for the QP 1210 HRR 5R in the UK.

Jim Hardisty, Managing Director of, said: “What’s different about the QP 1210 HRR 5R is that it encompasses all the benefits of traditional heavy duty plastic pallets, but with modern technology. The mould for the QP 1210 HRR 5R is fully flexible and can therefore be customised with mould-in options, three runners instead of the standard five and with the lips removed.”

Measuring 1200 (W) x 1000 (D) x 160mm (H), the QP 1210 HRR 5R has a complex top deck design composed of individual ‘box’ sections offering maximum rigidity and strength. The open honeycomb deck offers 100 per cent flow through for washing and maintaining optimum cleanliness, which also prevents ‘pooling’ when stored outside.

The QP 1210 HRR 5R heavy duty plastic pallet has the capacity to hold a dynamic load of 1500kg and a racking load of 1250kg, which makes the pallet ideal for use in the flour milling and newspaper industries.

Heavy duty plastic pallets offer an excellent return on investment, having a working life of between eight and 15 years, dependant on use. In comparison to wooden alternatives, these plastic pallets can pay for themselves within 18 months!

For further information on the QP 1210 HRR 5R heavy duty plastic pallet, call on 01323 744057 or visit

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