logopak-at-kemiraInternational chemicals producer Kemira has equipped its Bradford plant with three automatic print & apply labellers supplied by manufacturer Logopak in purpose-built enclosures, sealed to protect the machinery and label material from dust, cold and damp.

The three Logopak 920 series machines were chosen, says Logopak UK general manager Wilson Clark, for their proven reliability and ability to handle Kemira’s largest labels, which are almost full A4 size. “The 920 machines are today the only industrial print & apply labellers able to handle a full A4 label size,” he points out.

Two of the machines are employed labelling the top faces of 25kg sacks of water treatment and other chemicals on two adjacent conveyor lines at speeds up to 17 a minute. Label data is sent to each machine in ASCI file format by a central computer.

The enclosures that protect the heavy duty 920 machines and labels from the end-of-line environment include internal heaters and a trapdoor through which the labelling arm operates. However, this brings their combined weight up to 560kg which, explains Wilson Clark, reflects their industrial specification.

He adds: “Space was limited but Logopak was able to design and build a single heavy duty structure to support this weight across two conveyor lines.”

The third fully enclosed Logopak 920 print & apply machine at Kemira is configured as an adjacent side pallet labeller, operating with A5 labels at speeds up to 80 pallets an hour. Pallets of both sacks and 1 tonne FIBCs are handled.

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