01-frontWelcome to the 15th January Warehouse & Logistics News, our first of 2010. Here’s to getting on with business, and to 12 glorious months of success! In this issue we’ve got special features on Doors & Curtains, which includes industrial doors, curtains and roller-shutters, and Buildings/Facilities, looking at main structures and key equipment including temporary structures.

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As we went to press in early January the icy weather and heavy snowfalls that began in mid December were still crippling much of Britain, and looked set to continue for another fortnight. Kate Gibbs at the Road Haulage Association is one of many who would like to see the Government produce an official contingency plan to deal with bad weather. She points out that this disruption costs UK business a fortune, and is particularly hard on the haulage industry. She says local authorities had plenty of notice about both the December and the early January snowfalls but there still wasn’t enough grit in many regions, particularly on the side roads where many hauliers’ depots are located.

Meanwhile on the Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport’s website, CILT Chief Executive Steve Agg has paid tribute to the heroes of the bad weather, our innovative and skilled transport managers and drivers. Here’s what he has to say:

“The bad weather kicked off just ten days before Christmas, yet our industry was able to ensure that the increased levels of retail deliveries, goods and services, and consumer needs for the holiday were met. The experience, skills and expertise of the transport and logistics industry and its dedicated workforce, mean that the industry is able to meet and overcome this challenge.”

Mr Agg also praised the local council transport staff and their contractors, who he said were doing a “fantastic job” in their gritting, salting and snow clearing activities to keep the vast majority of routes open and operational.

Most people outside the warehouse and logistics industry take it for granted that almost everything they use or consume every day travels inside a truck at some stage on its way to them. So when the weather’s bad like it’s been recently, at these difficult times they need to appreciate, in the rousing words of Steve Agg, that Britain’s transport and logistics industry will continue to do all it can to maintain essential movements and deliveries of goods throughout the nation. Here’s to all of you out there making it happen.

Have a successful 2010.
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