pillomatAir-filled matting, such as Pillomat, is becoming increasing popular as a light duty floorcovering as well as a multi-purpose and hygienic lining for commercial use, as worktop surfaces and shelves and even for the display of food.  It is also widely used for boats, in storage compartments of service vehicles, behind bars and in other potentially wet areas where its open grid design helps to dissipate light spillage.

Pillomat comprises a lightweight grid of hollow and sealed PVC tubes.

The advantage of this high performance and robust structure is that it provides maximum protection for equipment and fragile items by cushioning them from hard surfaces as well as creating a cost-effective, colourful and very practical covering / lining.

The matting is extremely hard-wearing with a smooth surface which will neither scuff nor mark and which is very easy to wipe clean. It can easily be cut to fit any shape. Available in mahogany, beige, green and white, it is supplied in standard widths of 60, 91 and 120cm and in lengths of 10m or specials up to 50m long.

Samples and information are available from Plastic Extruders Ltd  (tel 01268 571116) or visit

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