palletcap-mitchells2Hayley creates eco-friendly version of her breakthrough invention

The Staffordshire inventor whose 62p cardboard cone has saved the international materials handling industry an estimated £40 million in damaged stock has launched a new, even more cost-effective version.

Created by former pallet distribution manager Hayley Shirley, the highly visible, yellow Palletcap has sold in its hundreds of thousands; winning an array of awards and becoming a familiar sight in warehouses worldwide.

Now a new, budget version, the Eco-Cap, brings an even more cost effective and environmentally-conscious alternative into the product range.

In the same way as the original Palletcap, the Eco-Cap provides both a visual warning and physical obstacle to prevent accidental stacking on top of fragile goods – saving time and money by preventing damage; avoiding complaints and enhancing customer confidence and loyalty.

Hayley explains: “With over three quarters of a million Palletcaps now in circulation, we have the chance to achieve some real economies of scale for companies who buy them in large quantities.

“We have achieved this by removing much of the outer-packaging, and reducing flood printing and labour costs. The result is that the new product is friendlier to both the environment and the wallet: reducing waste and bringing the unit cost as low as 45p.

“So, the Eco-Cap is just as effective as the original, but it’s even more economical, and environmentally sensitive, too!”

The new product has been trialled successfully with a variety Palletcap users, including distribution specialist Mitchells of Mansfield.

Managing director Andy Mitchell says: “We’ve used Palletcap to great effect in protecting pallets of radiators being shipped internationally. The new Eco-Cap has offered us further savings, and has proven every bit as effective.

“I’m sure Eco-Cap will be a great success, and enable even more companies to avoid damage – to their stock and their reputation.”

Eco-Cap can be designed and printed to order with a company’s brand logo or contact details, and will be available alongside the original, tried-and-tested Palletcap.

“We aim to supply every customer with the quantity they need at the lowest possible price,” adds Hayley, “Whether they want one box of Palletcaps or several thousand Eco-caps.

“In this environment any saving is important, but customer retention is critical.”

For more information contact Palletcap on 01543 509497 or; or see

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