i-pal_fabriek_2008For over 45 years CSi has played a leading role in the development of new palletising technologies and continues towards its goal of being the number one palletising systems provider in the world.
CSi recently launched its standardised robot cell, the i-Pal, shortly followed by the Easy Clean i-Pal, providing low cost automated palletising opportunities to a wide range of industries and applications.

During January 2010 CSi is offering the i-Pal palletiser on a 6-month free trial, to encourage small to medium sized companies to try out automatic palletising and realise the operational and cost benefits of such systems.  Customers will be asked to pay for delivery and installation only and CSi will commission the system ready for operation, which takes approximately two days, and provide all the necessary support during this 6-month trial period.

i-Pal lease options are provided through CSi Financial Services who provide simple lease structures, enabling ‘off-balance sheet’ investments in automated palletising projects.

For further information on i-Pal and this 6-month free trial, visit www.i-pal.nl or contact

Phil Griffiths
Tel: 01244 341298
Email: philgriffiths@csiweb.nl

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