mosca-uatriMosca, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of specialist strapping machinery for the corrugated industry, has launched an improved version of its twin-head bundle strapper, further enhancing the capabilities of its extensive range of solutions.

The Mosca automatic UATRI-2 twin-head strapper – the only all-side squaring machine available on the market – replaces one of Mosca’s most enduring models. The original UATRI was launched twenty years ago and Mosca decided to replace it to take advantages of the various developments in strapping technology that have taken place since.

The new machine incorporates Mosca’s all-electric, airless technology, which eliminates the need for costly compressed air and its related maintenance requirements. Other improvements include an improved feeding mechanism and a redesign of the frame to enable easier access for maintenance.

The UATRI-2’s twin-head construction is designed to handle bigger boxes for which two straps are necessary for optimum bundle stability. In order to achieve this, the machine squares on all four sides: front, back, top and bottom As such, the machine is an integral part of Mosca’s wider family of corrugated solutions, which includes tailored options for a variety of application needs.

Mosca’s range offers the all-purpose MCB-2 corrugated bundler, the high-speed RO-TRC in-line bundler (which can be specified with added backstops for squaring), the ROATRS integrated squarer/bundler (also available in a dedicated model for crashlock work), and the standalone ROMP-4 for effective off-line bundling.

“Mosca has always recognised that customers have varied, specific and often very different needs, even within a single factory environment,” explains Peter Foster, Managing Director of Mosca Direct, the company’s wholly owned UK subsidiary. “It is for this reason that Mosca is committed to providing a wide choice of state-of-the-art solutions.

“The launch of the UATRI-2 ensures that corrugated operations requiring a twin-head bundler can now benefit from the latest in Mosca’s renowned strapping technology,” he adds.

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