front-cover-warehouseThis Christmas sees Bernard Molloy, Managing Director of Hoppecke Industrial Batteries Ltd, celebrating 40 years in the materials handling industry.

Bernard joined HOPPECKE in June this year, and is extremely enthusiastic about its ethos and culture. Bernard has known both the Zoellner family, who own the company, and HOPPECKE as a business for many years, and was drawn by their commitment to service and solutions.

In recent months HOPPECKE has won some major contracts with big retailers and food manufacturers, due to its outstanding combination of products, performance, service expertise and lower running costs. It is also committed to investing in its future and developing its staff here, particularly its apprentices, an area Bernard Molloy is also pursuing in his other role as Chairman of the CILT Warehouse & Materials Handling Forum.

“The recession has changed the structure of our market, and to survive and even thrive in this industry now, we need to find new ways of collaborating across supply chains. At Hoppecke we intend to pioneer communications systems that support our engineers and salesmen in offering tangible, long term value to our customers.”

In a typical week Bernard spends 60% of his time with customers in the UK and Ireland. “I see all the main truck OEMs – I’m a cross between the family priest and a doctor analysing problems and finding solutions!” He is also involved with R&D and talking to customers to identify ways to help reduce the amount of batteries in service and ‘sweat’ assets to produce more cycles and lower battery costs.“

Hoppecke Industrial Batteries Ltd

Tel: 01782 667305

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