logisticshandbookNew Technology Best Practice Handbook launch at Multimodal – a relevant and practical guide from the BASDA Logistics and Supply Chain special interest group

At a time when companies need even greater resilience, adopting and maintaining best practice is fundamental in demonstrating robust business processes. This new guide, entitled ‘The BASDA Logistics and Supply Chain Technology Best Practice Handbook’, is a very simple and useful guide for those who wish to deploy technology in warehousing and transport processes but don’t know where to begin.

BASDA (Business Application Software Developers Association) is a not for profit organisation that works on behalf of its members to provide a forum for collaboration on common issues for members and their customers. Members of BASDA’s Logistics and Supply Chain Special Interest Group have developed this collaborative document as a practical guide to help businesses streamline their processes, reduce costs and improve service performance to their customers.

basda-logo-printThe foreword has been written by Roger Williams, Director General, UKWA who comments: “In an industry where best practice is more often than not, developed through word of mouth and imitation, it is heartening to see a volunteer group of thought leaders come together to produce relevant and practical guidance.”

The free guide was launched on the UKWA pavilion at Multimodal in April and is available from the BASDA website.

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