roll-packer-on-railsHills Waste Solutions has dramatically increased efficiency at the Warminster Household Recycling Centre, which they operate on behalf of Wiltshire Council, following the installation of a rail mounted Bergmann Jumbo Roll-Packer, supplied and installed by equipment specialists Kenburn Waste Management.

The Roll-Packer uses a giant toothed roller mounted on an hydraulic arm to break up and compact material within a standard 40 square yard container, greatly increasing the amount of waste which can be accommodated thereby reducing the number of vehicles on the road. Although Hills Waste Solutions use static Roll-Packers at several other sites this is the first time the company has used a rail mounted configuration enabling a single operator to service up to ten containers from an enclosed control platform.

Before the installation of the Roll-Packer recyclable materials were compressed using the rear bucket of a JCB digger. Although this gave a reasonable degree of compaction the process was cumbersome and involved the machine being moved around the site to service each container.

The high level of compaction achieved by the Roll-Packer – on average five to one depending on the material – means that the containers do not need to be collected during the busy weekend period. Previously it had been necessary to exchange them two or even three times, which was expensive and disruptive to the operation of the site.

Mike Webster, group director of Hills Waste Solutions, said, “The Roll-Packer has made a big difference to the way our site operates. Having the equipment mounted on rails behind the containers means that the operator can move the roller from one container to another without having to disrupt the traffic entering and leaving the site. And because the material is so well compacted we no longer need to have heavy lorries coming and going at weekends to exchange the containers. That’s a lot better for us and for our customers.”

Kenburn installed the rail mounted Roll-Packer in October 2009 and also undertook the training of the operatives. Kenburn’s engineers will be providing on site maintenance and support via their nationwide service network.

Kenburn waste Management Ltd

Martin Slough

Tel: 01727 844988


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