jlt-1214An advanced rugged vehicle-mount PC from JLT is set to offer a benchmark for warehouse computers. The tough JLT 1214 is designed to take on any kind of warehouse application, from cold stores to high temperature environments. 

The JLT 1214 is ready for work straight out of the box. The computer can handle voltages from 9 to 72V DC and simply plugs into the vehicle power supply – no special power adapters are necessary.  In addition the device can withstand power outages of up to 10 minutes and can be swapped easily between vehicles.

“With an IP65 water-tight rating and resilience to shock and vibration, the computer is designed for trouble-free operation. In addition, the easy-to-use 12-inch touchscreen display allows use in bright and poor light conditions, which makes it ideal for use on vehicles that move between yards and warehouses,” says Mark Muslek, MD, JLT UK.

The advanced vehicle-mount JLT 1214 is power-efficient – utilising the latest Intel Atom processor – and has built in WLAN, dual-diversity Wi-Fi antennas, Bluetooth connectivity, an uninterruptible power supply and power stabilisation. The computer runs all standard MS Windows programs and connects to all Windows-supported hardware using any if its four USB interfaces or its RJ45 10/100-TP Ethernet connection.

JLT UK is looking for resellers and systems integrators who are active in warehouse applications, where the groundbreaking JLT 1214 vehicle mount computer offers significant features and benefits.

“VARs looking for an alternative vehicle-mount computer solution can find it in the rugged JLT 1214. This advanced computer is built for extreme conditions and we should like to talk to those companies that are developing applications for warehouses, cold stores and even high temperature environments,” says Mark Muslek, MD, JLT UK.

“We are investing heavily to support our UK sales plans. Specialist partners are essential to the success of these plans and we are looking for additional VARs to join our network of rugged mobile applications specialists. We are ready to talk about the opportunities working with JLT present with prospective partners who are working on demanding applications that need rugged, reliable technology to get the job done,” he adds.


Mark Muslek

Tel: 0870 165 1465


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