pb250120Job cuts, bankruptcies, downsizing; all symptoms of the recession hitting UK businesses. Not for Automated Packaging Systems though. As it celebrates quarter of a century in Europe, APS is bucking the trend of financial gloom and opening a £2m extension at its European headquarters in Worcestershire.

The extension sees the world leader in flexible bagging solutions gain an extra 50%, 25,000 sq ft, of manufacturing and warehouse space to serve its European customer base.

“Twenty five years as a supply chain partner has seen us grow to produce about 900 million bags per year,” says Peter Wylie, Managing Director of APS Europe. “We’d reached capacity in our existing premises and, despite the economic climate, we’ve got some very positive growth plans for the next five to ten years.

“We’re still budgeting for growth in 2009,” he emphasises. “The extension will give us the platform to achieve it.
“Our customers span many markets across a multitude of industries and geographies, from plumbing fittings to medical components, electronics to food. Our success is no accident; we’ve built the business on its ability to supply flexible, cost-effective, high impact bagging solutions to satisfy our customers and, most importantly, their customers too.

While acknowledging the challenges facing firms during recession, he says APS are well placed to weather the storm.

“Automated Packaging Systems’ bagging solutions are able to offer savings in costs and increases in production efficiency,” he says. “Plus great packaging helps sell more, and we deliver great packaging, every time.”

Automated Packaging Systems
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