truckATMS,  the  Birmingham UK based provider of supply chain systems has launched its own Vehicle Mount Terminal.  The terminal is unique in that it has an inbuilt battery and quick release bracket that allows it to  be used as a hand held tablet PC.  The VMT is well proven, highly rugged and low cost,  typically under £1500.

The VMT100 unit pictured has an 8.4 inch high brightness colour TFT screen.  It runs the Windows CE 5.0 operating system, allowing it to run many software applications. An SD card slot is provided for long term data storage.  The unit has inbuilt  WiFi and Bluetooth communications. Two USB ports are available for connecting external devices such a keyboard, mouse, printer etc. Weighing just over 1kg and having a shock proof design allows it to be used easily outside the vehicle. A microphone and speaker are inbuilt for communications and potential voice applications.

ATMS is initially targeting the device for warehousing and logistics,  for use on fork lift trucks for example. The company is however recruiting partners in vertical markets such as transportation,  emergency services, field sales and service and more.

Steve Cross,  Managing Director of ATMS commented ‘ for too long the market has had to pay too much for simple but rugged technology such as the VMT100, alongside our range of ATMS hand held terminals we can provide solutions often at half the price of the legacy offerings of some manufacturers’.

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