robert-alvarez-headshotRecent analysis of the recession has inevitably highlighted the difficult times for new warehouse construction and the potential knock-on effects for the temporary buildings market.

As someone working for a long-established (and internationally recognised) structure specialist, I would obviously acknowledge that the sector is facing challenging times. However, I think the solution for providers rests with clear, long-term strategies rather than any hint of “taking up the slack” in one sector when another is facing particular problems.

At De Boer we believe in ongoing research and development so that each highly individual market has access to an ever-evolving portfolio of products. From aluminium, A-framed structures for a contract of a few weeks to steel-framed buildings that may remain in place for decades, the focus must be on meeting the specific needs of customers – not a “one-size-fits-all” philosophy.

Indeed recent talk of temporary buildings having a life-span of “over 20 years” considerably under-sells their potential.

Our All Weather Hall product – with recent assignments ranging from bulk storage to a semi-permanent home for Manchester Airport’s Concorde – features a steel frame designed to last in excess of 60 years. And with options such as fully insulated panels, single or twin skin and a snow load of 150kg per square metre, this is a product that not only exceeds British standards but also more than satisfies the increasingly high expectations of customers around the world.

new-logo-de-boer-jpegThe flexibility of the All Weather Hall reflects the flexibility we must all have in the present economic climate. Whether providing a steel-framed structure for a school gymnasium, semi-permanent facilities for airport baggage-handling or highly specialised structures and materials for temporary prisons, the key is to work WITH the customer, not try to rent them a structure simply because it isn’t being used elsewhere.

Excellent customer service, delivering structures on time and on budget – and continuing to invest, research and develop – remain the only sensible actions in challenging times.

It is by taking a long-term perspective, rather than worrying about short-term economic conditions, that I remain optimistic for the future even in time of recession.

Whether providing structures for ports, airports, educational premises, custodial units, long-term storage or the huge opportunities associated with the Olympics building project, this is a time to be excited and forward looking. At De Boer we don’t talk about “taking up the slack”; we talk about taking the initiative – and seizing the opportunity.

Robert Alvarez, Sales Director – Commercial, De Boer

De Boer Structures

Tel: 01280 846500

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