google-routemapnewQuartix has become the first major telematics specialist to provide pay as you go vehicle tracking with Google Maps.

Google’s advanced mapping, satellite, terrain and hybrid views are now available with both the InfoPlus and Corporate versions of  Quartix Pay As You Go.

Using Google Maps’ zoom and scroll controls to search a live tracking screen, an operator can quickly trace vehicle-journey details or find the nearest vehicle to a customer.

The new mapping system, also included in Quartix’s unique email reporting facility, provides customers with direct access to maps and satellite images from locations named in journey reports.

Andy Walters, Quartix managing director, said: “We are an innovative company and our decision to incorporate Google’s industry-leading maps is a good illustration of this. It follows on from last month’s launch of a suite of real-time performance ‘dashboard’ displays with our Corporate package.”

Three months ago, Quartix became the UK’s first telematics company to introduce pay as you go vehicle tracking – and already 50% of  its new clients are choosing this payment option.

Mr Walters added: “We are still the only leading vehicle tracking company to offer a genuine pay as you go service which is backed by the right of customers to cancel at any time. It will be interesting to see at what point our competitors are prepared to offer this as well.

“Pay as you go is attracting an enormous amount of interest and without doubt customers see it as the way forward.”

For more information contact Andy Walters on 0870 013 6663, or or go to

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