atms_high-resHy Tech Logistics, the Dublin based logistics services provider, has teamed up with it’s Warehouse Management Systems partner, ATMS plc, to provide a ground breaking service for the field service market.

Stuart Burke, Managing Director of Hy Tech commented “we’ve been using the ATMS StockTrack PLUS warehouse management system for several years now, it’s been vital for controlling our warehousing operations and for helping us to gain new client business. We needed to further extend and innovate our service offerings in order to grow our business and to gain new blue chip customers”.

Hy Tech has identified a major need to support the field service business, across Ireland and even overseas. Field service engineers and technicians are the people who work tirelessly to keep vital equipment, machinery and services working round the clock; in factories, hospitals, in hotels and restaurants, in farms, at the road side, in shops and warehouses, on boats and oil rigs – the list goes on.

Field service staff need speedy access to a wide variety of spare parts, service items and replacement equipment.

_dsc55461This is where Hy-Tech could help. The company had many years of experience in similar sectors  and possessed the infrastructure and support to provide a 24/7 operation, all year round. Hy Tech just needed the supporting technology to provide an end to end solution. The result was a partnership approach with ATMS whereby ATMS worked with Hy Tech to further implement key modules of the new ATMS Global Track solution.

GlobalTrack is being developed to be a web based ‘hosted’ supply chain track and trace solution, incorporating a communications hub to link to external systems and applications. A SAP approved communications module is also available. Global Track can work hand in hand with STP, the ATMS Warehouse Management System but equally well can stand alone.

The companies worked together to provide two key elements to the solution. The first is a web based stock enquiry and call off system – this enables authorised personnel, including for instance the service engineers themselves using their mobile phones, to view the stock held within the Hy Tech warehousing facilities. The efficient courier network that Hy Tech has in place means that in most cases stock can be centralised within the one Hy Tech warehouse – cutting down on unnecessary stock duplication. The system is designed however to support multiple warehouses, spread across the world for instance. Stock status can be viewed, stock can be called off, picking and delivery status can be monitored. Similarly the facility can be used to view the status of incoming stock shipments – from the point of manufacture, for instance, in the Far East. Stock can be called off through the web service or through automated electronic communications.

Stuart commented: “Our guys have a 3 hour response time to deliver the parts, we have completed the 1st year with 100% success.”

The company is now embarking on phase 2 of the Global Track program. ATMS has developed a remote stocking and warehousing module for Global Track. This allows stock and consignments to be tracked and traced anywhere in the world, without the need for any local PC’s or hardware.

Every task is performed on an intelligent hand held terminal, with communications through GPRS over the mobile phone networks, or through WiFi or Wimax where coverage can be provided.

Richard Hemming, Partnership Manager for ATMS commented “we are delighted to be working with such an innovative company like Hy Tech, between us we have brought a solution to the market that is providing major benefits in the market place and that is helping Hy Tech gain major contracts with some of the World’s leading names”.

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