Welcome to the 1 April Warehouse & Logistics News. There’s no room at any time of year for messing around in warehouses or at the ‘sharp end’ of logistics operations. But away from those working areas where there’s a risk of people getting hurt, April 1 offers a welcome opportunity for light-hearted fun and windups between friends and colleagues.

It’s no hoax at any time of year for us to tell you that WLN is the only fortnightly publication for the industry, leading with the news. You can find our latest stories and features in our four media – the printed magazine, the digital edition, the email newsletter and warehousenews.co.uk, our web site.

Our two features in the April 1 issue are as businesslike as they come. The Loading Bay feature includes doors, dock levelers and dock lifts: Racking and Shelving covers pallet racking, cantilever racking, shelving and storage solutions.

As the Loading Bay feature’s intro says, loading bays can be a risky area for the health of a business, with the power to foul up smooth, fast-moving operations and lose money. Initial tender specifications for these critical areas need to consider the end users’ needs, including the range of delivery vehicles, the goods being off loaded and the type of forklifts that will work there. Not taking these factors into account can have costly ramifications, from unacceptable energy losses to the nightmare of a complete rebuild after the initial design proves hopelessly inadequate.

When business is slow, our Racking & Shelving feature suggests, the need to squeeze maximum use from your warehouse space is all the more urgent. So now could be time to take a fresh look at your racking and shelving.

Businesses looking for new storage may be tempted to choose second-hand racking and shelving in the current business climate: buyers need to be cautious because used racking may have hidden damage, making thorough examination essential. Damaged racking should be repaired according to makers’ guidelines: racking audits are best left to experienced engineers.

Back to April Fools Day – if you want to win your local pub quiz, April 1 is the anniversary of the formation of the RAF in 1918 and Apple Computer Inc, as it was originally called, in 1976. By the way, in Britain the April Fools Day jokes traditionally stop at noon but in Ireland, France, and the USA, the fun lasts all day. So, Brits visiting those countries beware, especially in the afternoon.

Have a seriously good month!
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