tu-changing-system.jpgHaving successfully experienced over 5 years of reduced cost operation at their distribution centres throughout the UK, Somerfield Stores Ltd have expanded their relationship with Hoppecke Industrial Batteries to include their Lea Green distribution centre at St Helens. Somerfield decided to replace their existing fleet of batteries and chargers choosing to use the tried and tested Hoppecke “Power for Life” product. This package majors on the use of Hoppecke Trak-Air, air circulation batteries charged by Hoppecke’s latest technology High Frequency chargers. Significant reductions in AC electrical input sizes and units of electricity consumed have realised operational savings of 30% over conventional chargers and 18% over the existing High Frequency chargers being used.

Jo Pavely, Logistics Procurement Manager for Somerfield Stores Ltd said, “when we first saw the electrical saving claims made by Hoppecke we were a little skeptical. However with more than 7 years experience of the package we now know these savings have been achieved. One of our other major costs was battery changing and maintenance. Hoppecke first installed their complete battery changing and management systems into our distribution centres over 7 years ago. These systems have given us quick and effortless battery changing, carried out by our drivers. It has significantly reduced our operational costs by removing the need to provide full time battery operatives. The drivers can now change their batteries in less than 2 minutes using the Hoppecke TU system. Drivers easily select the battery to be changed by looking at an electronic screen which informs them of the next battery in the system to be used. Extremely useful management information is also available from the system and can be accessed electronically from anywhere in the country.

The Hoppecke “Power for Life” system has given Somerfield a complete maintenance package including all battery topping throughout the length of the contract. Quarterly assessment meetings ensure we are achieving the ultimate operational savings available from our materials handling fleet. Somerfield Stores Ltd have an ongoing programme to achieve energy savings and the Hoppecke system has allowed us to exceed these targets.

Health and safety, operational improvements and reduced carbon emissions are also important factors when utilising a large fleet of warehouse trucks. Hoppecke have and are continuing to work closely with us to ensure we achieve the greatest advantage with all these requirements”

For further information Contact
Gus Whyte, Sales Director on
01782 667 305

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