The economy’s still icy, but at least the weather’s milder. As the mornings and evenings get lighter, and everything is back to normal it’s easy to forget the recent snow chaos that crippled the UK. As an island we certainly dropped the ball: plans have to be put in place for next time, to keep our infrastructure going. Funny then that as we closed this issue, people had the nerve after our “winter white out” to laugh at the Antiguan Cricket Association for making a mess of the Test match, with the rushed relocation of play from the Sir Vivian Richards Stadium to the Antigua Recreation Ground following torrential rain. Sir Viv himself was covered with embarrassment, though it’s hard to tell how whether it was because his name was on the stadium or because he was commenting on the radio at the time and his colleagues were pulling his leg. In Antigua the cricket resumed eventually and it wasn’t that bad in the end. Here, the snow melted and we all got moving again. You have to ask – wouldn’t we all be better off if we stopped worrying on such occasions, and took more of a Caribbean attitude about things? Every little thing’s going to be all right, as Bob Marley would tell you. So relax then, but be prepared. Start by reading Warehouse & Logistics News every fortnight! In this issue we’ve got features on Buildings and facilities, covering main structures and key equipment including temporary structures, and on Training for today’s warehouse and logistics environment. As well as all the usual sections, in this issue we’ve got a special feature on Vision Alert. The Leeds-based safety equipment manufacturer’s impressive annual sales growth and several consecutive years of doubled pre-tax profits have enabled it to grow its turnover to £20m and create 45 new jobs in the past 12 months. Vision Alert has been designing and manufacturing effective and innovative lighting solutions and reversing alarms since 1994, providing customers worldwide with enhanced vehicle and truck visibility and increased safety. From beacons, light bars and blaze bars to reverse alarms and CCTV, all Vision Alert products serve to maximise vehicle visibility and reduce accidents. As the Vision Alert product portfolio is growing, so is the partnership with Curtis Instruments, now promoting not only the Xenon range of safety beacons but also a range of rotating beacons to compliment these in materials handling applications. It’s good news for everyone involved with warehousing and logistics. Have a successful month. Warehouse & Logistics News

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