coll-bat-hubwagen2.jpgEnerSys has introduced a new range of XFC FLEX batteries which can be ‘opportunity’ charged, used while partially charged or fast re-charged. This makes them especially suited for use with Class 3 pallet trucks where the flexibility of operation they bring can revolutionise material handling management. Up to 30% more power density than similar batteries is made possible by advanced thin-plate pure-lead technology. Unlike a traditional battery the XFC FLEX prefers its charge to be topped up as and when convenient; in addition very little maintenance is required as no water topping-up is necessary.

Hawker XFC FLEX batteries have minimum gassing which makes them ideal for use in retail areas, public space and sensitive manufacturing locations. All these features allow much greater freedom for pallet truck operation which in turn can bring significant cost savings.

When XFC  FLEX batteries are used in conjunction with EnerSys smart HF charging considerable savings can be made in electricity consumption for recharging due to the high efficiency and very low charging factor. This also has an impact on reducing the carbon footprint of your business. When a truck is not in use its XFC FLEX  battery can be plugged into the HF charger making it ready for the next duty cycle whenever that occurs. As a result, the focus is on energy throughput rather than maximising battery capacity.

The XFC FLEX gas recombination battery range is constructed from special alloy thin grid plates. The electrolyte is absorbed in a microporous separator.  This highly advanced pure-lead technology allows very fast charging and deep discharge. The specially engineered plates are ideally suited to electrical vehicle applications with multi-shift operations.

The XFC FLEX range radically changes conventional lead-acid battery discharge/recharge operating procedures. Whereas conventional batteries should be discharged for up to 8 hours then recharged for 8-12 hours, the operating instructions for the XFC FLEX are simple: “use the truck and when not in use, recharge the battery”. The battery can also be fully fast charged from 60% depth of discharge in 3.5 hours. This offers a true ‘plug and play’ facility for trucks by reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

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