advantage3.jpgWhen a Midlands based printer went digital, it became apparent that the unit they had moved into in 2003 could not accommodate both the new CDI plate setter and 6 colour label printer machine nor could it allow for the opportunity of business expansion that this new technology would bring. The company specialises in printing adhesive labels for the food, pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries. Its clients are major brand manufacturers where it trades on its high reputation for timely production of the highest quality. The cost of moving the business again to larger premises was not the only factor to consider: the interruption to production when order books were full and increasing steadily, made the prospect particularly daunting.

The solution to this dilemma was presented by one of Davicon’s major customers Advantage Storage and Handling Limited, based in Hartlebury. Advantage installed a fire rated Davicon mezzanine floor, increasing the capacity of the existing factory premises by 50%. This made space available on the ground floor for the installation of new machinery which will enable the firm to meet the challenge of the business expansion predicted in the years to come.

Advantage, who have over twenty years experience in the design and build of mezzanines, partitions and shelving systems, worked in close partnership with the customer throughout. The brief that the Managing Director set for Advantage was far from straightforward. Due to the nature of the business, it was essential that contamination of the clean printing environment demanded by the food industry was kept to a minimum. It was also a requirement of the project that there was no disruption to production during construction which meant Davicon’s installation teams had to undertake the mezzanine build between 5.00pm and 1.00am.

The project was delivered on time and within budget and has ensured that the printing operation now has all the space it needs to take the organisation forward into the digital world.

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