npors.jpgNPORS has been an accrediting body under auspices of the HSE since 1999 for Rider-operated Lift trucks: Operator training Approved code of practice (L117). Along with other organisations such as, RTITB, AITT, ITSARR, LANTRA and ConstructionSkills. NPORS provide a range of services that benefit the employer and Accredited Training Provider in providing externally recognised standards of training and assessment to ensure an operator is competent to drive or operate an item of plant machinery or equipment.

If you employ in-house instructors and require them to be assessed and accredited, then apply for a non-commercial ATP status. We can also tailor courses and assessments to your specific needs on specialist equipment.

In-house Instructors
As an in-house instructor the standard of training and assessment can be harmonised, technical advice and assistance can be given to keep you up to date with current legislations and regulations. At NPORS our Accredited Instructors often share best practice and enjoy good social networking.

Training Providers
Providing operator training or assessments can sometimes be overly bureaucratic or complex, we provide simple, but well tested solutions to prove an operators competence to drive or operate, plant or equipment. Support and guidance is offered through our Management Team and Training Standards Committee.

All Instructors must undergo a monitoring visit to ensure they are competent to teach and assess, this is then reviewed to ensure their continued professionalism. Maintaining CPD is important to NPORS where we will provide all instructors with a free web-based CPD management system.

We are externally audited to ensure that we provide a high quality of service and manage your information in an appropriately secure manner. NPORS is currently working towards the BSI PAS 99 award to reinforce our believe in quality and data security.

The operator card
This is one of the final products in the process of proving an operator ability to use plant machinery or equipment in a safe manner. The reverse of the card will list the operators assessments provided by an NPORS instructor or other recognised accrediting bodies, where we have been given the appropriate evidence.


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