CARGO_Biometric.jpgCargo Storage Systems, the British made range of automated vertical storage devices, have confirmed that all their units will be supplied with the latest biometrics access technology. Using individual unique characteristics from fingerprints that cannot be transferred or copied, the storage lifts can be programmed to permit full or limited access to the operator. Clever software allows management to deny access to unauthorised personnel, and even restricting access to specific shelves within the lift system, which is an ideal solution for sensitive data or high value item storage.

The biometrics system records operator history, providing irrefutable verification, and reducing opportunity and incidence of fraud and theft. The systems also negates the need for passwords, which is particularly useful as Datamonitor research estimate that up to 70% of calls made to computer help desks are relating to forgotten PIN-codes or passwords.

Once the Cargo fingerprint scanner has a record of the operators’ print, it then identifies the print by use of an optical scanner. This consists of an array of light-sensitive diodes called photosites, which generate an electrical signal in response to light photons. Each photosite records a pixel, a tiny dot representing the light that hit that spot. Collectively, the light and dark pixels form an image of the scanned finger.

Once the scan is complete, the processor compares the captured fingerprint with those on file. Cargo’s biometrics system can accommodate an infinite number of different fingerprints into it’s memory, and each can be programmed with individual access parameters.

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