Service and back up to eliminate downtime means a lot to James Grist, director of Grist Environmental and was the prime reason for turning to Holt JCB.

He said ”The service from Holt JCB is just spot on, it has been a real pleasure to do business with them. We looked to JCB and also had quotes from competitors but the decision was not down to price but the warranty & service back up. Those offered by other suppliers saw benefits start to drop off after the first year, JCB however offered a full warranty for the full length of time.”

Established in 1972 by James’ father Nigel, family run Grist Environmental is a waste recycling business that is expanding year-on-year.

The JCB JS200W is being put to work loading wood into slow and high-speed shredders, and is also being used to load artic trucks and walking floor trailers coming onto the site.

Weighing in at around 22 tonnes, this excavator has a closed box-section revolving frame, which increases strength and reduces stress. It also makes this excavator highly resistant to impact damage.

Simultaneous moving and excavating is smooth and fast with an intuitive multifunction operation, and four operating work modes allow a JS200W wheeled excavator operator to tailor performance to any application. Auto, Economy, Precision and Lifting modes provide different optimised settings. A 70/30 front screen split for a clear view forwards, plus a large laminated glass roof window provide this wheeled excavator with exceptional all-round visibility.

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