EZR Shelving have launched a new garment rail system that has been designed to create costeffective racking systems that can be used in everything from small stockrooms to large scale distribution centres.

The system utilises their strong and durable Trimline shelving frames with a special tubular rail that creates outboard garment storage racks. The main advantage of this system is that the rails are strong enough to provide the stability for the racking framework. This in turn means that no extra support beams or shelf levels are required – reducing the cost of the system.

The new garment rail can be positioned at 25mm intervals to suit different clothing types. This allows double-sided outboard racking units to have dedicated rails for small garments, without wasting valuable space. The modular Trimline shelving system can be easily configured for inboard or outboard hanging, shelving and hanging combinations, standard shelving or even pigeon holes.

Whatever style of racking is required, capacity can be further increased by mounting the units onto mobile bases to create spacesaving roller racking. These movable units remove the need to have an access aisle for every row, allowing more units to fit within a given space. Should your business require even more storage then EZR can also build multi-tier racking structures with staircases and upper picking levels to maximise the storage potential of any space.

Although a relatively new product to EZR’s range, the new outboard garment rail has already proven to be a popular choice for distribution centres, stockrooms and warehouses that require efficient storage of clothing at very competitive prices.