image2Instant Information is not a new concept, but rather one where our expectations have changed with advances in technology.

The classic case in point is the letter, whose delivery times have been superseded by the introduction of the fax, email and Instant Messaging. These additions have not only transformed how we communicate, but have also moved the “benchmarks” on information availability and response times.

Today, the demand is for instant access to everything from anywhere. With modern systems this is not some futuristic dream but rather a reality. Organisations that use lifting equipment must conform to the Health and Safety Executive regulations relating to:

• Driver certifications

• Pre- shift inspections

• Preventative maintenance schedules

• Impact notifications

crown-safety-cro_infolinkCrown’s InfoLink is a complete fleet management solution that is designed to deliver all this and more instantly to the individuals that need it most. The core component of this system is the ease of administration, and two-way communication which ensures that all changes and additions are instantly transparent to all users and equipment across all locations. The system records everything as it happens and is accessible from anywhere via a customisable web page.

All this happens in “real time” with individuals having access to only the elements that apply to their role within the organisation. Thus eliminating information overload, delivering bespoke requirements and allowing management to pin point issues as and when they occur. This transparency and availability creates an environment of accountability which promotes cultural change and cost reductions.

Dave Allison of Crown Lift Trucks will explain the contribution that the InfoLink system makes to safety at the Safety Conference on 30th September 2009.


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