If you are an employer looking for someone to work in your company, you are more likely to submit a sponsor license application. This applies to employees from foreign countries.

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This post tackles everything you should know about sponsored license visa.

Understanding Sponsored License Visa

A sponsored license visa is a program that enables talented foreign employees to travel to other countries to work for a company while still keeping their permanent residency in their native country. This program is handled by the United Kingdom Department of State.

The ability of foreign workers to remain living in their home country while working in the United Kingdom is the primary advantage of having their employment approved for a visa. Aside from that, this employment visa also enables the firm to save money on purchasing a visa for foreign workers. As a result, the corporation can minimize the cost of labour cost.

Generally, sponsor license visas are under Temporary Worker License and Worker License. Which sponsor license the company should apply for will vary depending on the available position in the organization.

How to Get a Sponsored License Visa

Generally, the only possible way to get a sponsored license visa is when an employer from another country has offered you working employment. To put it in another way, the company that will sponsor your license visa will file all the necessary paperwork on your behalf.

On the other hand, there are only specific circumstances where the company can make the sponsorship. For example, the company that will sponsor your license visa will be required to advertise the employment position before submitting all the necessary paperwork to the Department of Labour.

If no applicants respond to the job posting, the company may decide that local job hunters are not qualified to fill the position. This supports their decision to seek potential employees from other countries and sponsor their working visas.

In other words, a firm can only sponsor your license visa if there is any available position within the company. They can prove why employing a foreign citizen is necessary for this situation.

How Long is the Validity of Sponsored License Visa

A sponsored license visa has validity for four years. However, if the company wants to keep hiring employees from outside the United Kingdom after four years, it must submit another application for the license.

Don’t worry because the Home Office will notify the business to renew their sponsored license visa on time. However, it will be your responsibility to comply with all the necessary requirements on or before the deadline.

The SMS (Sponsorship Management System) account of the company (sponsor) will give them access to all the necessary data pertaining to their license duration. Once the first application was expired, the sponsor must send another application through their SMS account and pay the necessary price to renew their request.

Possible Reasons for Sponsored License Visa Application

It may leave you frustrated when you know that your application for sponsored license visa has been rejected. Even though rejection for such applications happens rarely, here are some of the principal reasons:

  • The document contains misleading and inaccurate information
  • The business failed to submit the requirements on time, and the information has been withheld
  • The first sponsored license visa application made by the company was revoked for some reasons
  • There was an error with the application submitted

It is worth noting that the money used for the application is non-refundable. Beyond that, they cannot reapply until the cooling-off period has elapsed. Therefore, companies that would like to submit a sponsored license visa application are encouraged to take every precaution to avoid application refusal.

The cooling-off duration will vary depending on the reasons behind the rejection of the application. However, most businesses are not allowed to reapply for half a year after receiving a notice of rejection. Beyond that, remember that you are not entitled to file an appeal, especially if the sponsored license application submitted by your sponsor company is denied.

Even though the decision will be subjected to an admin review, this does not ensure that it will be overturned. To avoid this, it is best to work with an experienced immigration lawyer to prepare the most effective sponsorship letter. This will guarantee that the application will not be rejected and that you can save money and time.

Final Thoughts

A sponsored license visa is recommended for businesses that need employees from other countries. However, remember that a company is only allowed to sponsor a license visa application if they show proof that no local applicant is qualified for the position.

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