Troax’s mesh shelves and dividers are essential parts in many warehouse facilities around the world. They’re used in traditional warehouses, multi-level picking areas, VNA picking areas and large automated warehouses. Our products make storage easier, more versatile and above all safer. In short, we protect people from injuries and prevent machinery as well as goods from getting damaged in everyday work.

Troax’s products also drastically reduce the risk of fire spreading in warehouses. All of this is possible thanks to innovative design and many smart features.

•Both standard and customised

•High steel quality

•Rounded wire ends

•Safety wires

•Designed according to ANSI

•Standard and inverted omega profiles

All wire ends are rounded in the production process and each shelf has a safety wire in the front and back waterfall. An external wire is welded on the outside to protect the wire ends. This smooth feature reduces the risk of injuries while handling goods. Troax has two kinds of omega reinforcements, one with the opening upwards, and one with an inverted omega reinforcement. The latter prevents dust from settling, which makes it suitable for the food industry. Troax uses steel in high-grade quality for both wires and omega reinforcements.

For more information, contact quoting ‘TROAXWLN22’

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