Working as a senior manager of a large workforce with hundreds or thousands of employees is a big responsibility that you should by no means take lightly. It’s important to ensure you are in regular communication with important stakeholders, the company directors, and you are ultimately accountable to the business owner.

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Looking after your customer data properly is an essential consideration for business managers in 2022, since failure to do so can have disastrous consequences for companies. For example, in July 2017, shares in Dixons Carphone fell by over 6% when around 10 million records containing personal customer data were compromised. To help you out, we’ve come up with this piece on why senior managers responsible for large workforces need to prioritise data security. Carry on reading to learn more.

To Adhere To Modern Data Compliance Regulations

Senior managers need to guide their staff through online compliance training to ensure the company falls in line with the data compliance regulations of today. These include GDPR and other relevant cybersecurity laws. If your business isn’t compliant, then you could face a fine, as well as significant damage to your company’s reputation. Thankfully, it’s easy to teach your extensive team about compliance with relevant regulations if you work with the right industry partner. iHASCO offers a wide range of compliance training courses for business of all shapes, sectors and sizes, so you can find the right course that suits your team’s unique needs. You’ll then be able to quickly get everyone up to speed and ensure that new additions to your team always have access to the resources and knowledge they require.

To Maintain High Levels Of Professionalism

Customers, stakeholders, and potential investors in 2022 will struggle to take you seriously as a business organisation if it’s clear you have a lax attitude as a company towards data security. Why should customers put their faith in you to look after their personal data if you’re a business with a clear track record of failing to do enough to ensure your data is stored securely and in line with modern data compliance regulations? In order to remain professional and uphold a strong reputation as a business today, you must do your best to make data security a priority as a senior manager. When you interview candidates, make sure that your company stance on data security is clear to every person who puts themselves forwards to apply. People thinking about coming and joining your team will want to see that you are genuinely hot on data security.

The Bottom Line

Managing a large size workforce will mean you have a lot on your plate. You will have to provide your staff with training on modern digital issues that affect your organisation, such as data security. Data security is vital for modern businesses, particularly as our reliance on the digital world grows. This article should help you to understand your responsibilities and bolster your business’s success throughout the remainder of 2022 and further ahead.

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