Voice solutions have been a firmly established part of warehouses across the world for many years now, demonstrating their strengths particularly in terms of flexibility and agility. And it’s not only through the coronavirus pandemic that we’ve seen just how important these two criteria are within the logistics supply chain. Across numerous industries, companies big and small have been turning to voice-assisted order picking solutions. However, providers on the market offer very different solutions. In collaboration with EPG, the IAW – German Institute for Applied Warehouse Logistics has produced a free white paper providing a market overview and a guide for companies looking to choose the right voice solution for their warehouse logistics operation. 

Voice systems have established themselves as an optimal interface between people and machines for a number of years now. And it’s obvious why: Thanks to their ergonomics, adjustment options and robust design, these solutions have proven very popular among workers. The experiences of numerous use cases also indicate a quick increase in process quality coupled with a significant reduction in error rates within the order picking process. As voice-assisted solutions have become increasingly popular, the number of providers on the market has also risen. But not all voice solutions are created equal.

Quicker, more reliable and more flexible: A checklist to choose the right provider

In their free white paper, the authors focus on current market requirements as well as the requirements of a modern voice solution. In addition to factors such as increased efficiency, high staff turnover, multilingual employees and quality assurance, the flexibility of the system is particularly highlighted. Leading providers have already integrated AI components into their technologies to better meet these requirements, for example. By using a checklist, companies faced with a choice of providers now have the possibility of narrowing down their decision-making process and ensuring they make the right decision – avoiding any potential pitfalls right from the start.

The complete white paper, including the checklist, is available to download at https://www.epg.com/gb/newsroom/detail/new-guide-to-choosing-the-right-voice-solution

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