Almost two years since the beginning of Covid, in the world of contract manufacturing, packing, fulfilment and logistics, everything, and yet nothing, has changed.

Rodney Steel
Chief Executive at BCMPA

Even prior to the pandemic, brand owners and retailers were increasingly waking up to the benefits of outsourcing their contract manufacturing and packing projects to BCMPA members in order to deliver supply chain agility. However, the closure of every high street and retail outlet during lockdowns rapidly turned these benefits into necessities.

Faced with exponential growth in demand, and a raft of unprecedented challenges, BCMPA members did what virtually none of the rest of commerce could do; they kept on working.

Supported by their association, BCMPA members in the field of contract manufacturing, packing, fulfilment and logistics addressed one challenge after another. Material supplies / staffing shortages, supply chain delays, and even the aftermath of Brexit, all conspired together to constrain BCMPA members in their efforts to satisfy the huge growth in B2C e-commerce and fulfilment caused by the pandemic.

This massive growth in demand was made all the more challenging by an accompanying shift in consumer choice. The requirement of brands and retailers to develop nimble, agile, and reactive responses to the ever-changing e-commerce market, has meant that 3rd party co packing firms have had to deliver increasingly innovative and rapid solutions in new packaging and short-run production, to meet these needs.

Clearly, BCMPA members have become ‘one stop shop’ suppliers for their clients, involved in all stages of new range development from initial design and prototyping to production, packing and distribution.

The BCMPA’s support for its members in providing connections, promotion and raising the profile of their services has remained strong throughout a very testing year, and membership numbers continue to increase, as firms discover the benefits of professional representation. Membership of the association is set to breach the 200 mark in the near future.

This growth shows no sign of slowing for 2022; the BCMPA has plans to further support its members and is already committed to exhibiting at 7 shows before the end of May, with an annual conference set for June. We look forward to meeting members, old and new, in person, and sharing ways in which to find better solutions to overcome the testing challenges the world is currently facing. A BCMPA member is for life and not just for Christmas!


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