Consistent with nationwide influxes of online orders, Kite Packaging has had a record year in 2021. The ecommerce distributor has expanded its product range by over 200 products to cater to the constantly adapting needs of businesses in addition to fulfilling more orders than ever before. Integral to these achievements has been the commitment of the staff, driven by a collective desire to succeed. By being the only employee share-owned company in its sector, Kite has a unique energy unattainable by other wholesalers; as the tag-line goes, customer satisfaction matters so much more when you own the business. In lieu of the growth seen in 2021, it is now time to seek new talent to help the company reach new goals as they plan a move into new premises in the New Year. Kite has a consistently open attitude toward new recruits, offering invaluable education, skill development and progression opportunities across a range of departments with the array of programmes on offer for the right fits.

From Kite’s first year of operating, there has been a heavy focus on training, causing the group to introduce a graduate programme and apprentice scheme which remain fundamental to this day. The former is a three year course that empowers exceptionally bright individuals to work across Kite’s Regional Distribution Centres (RDCs) to gain experience in everything from data and statistics to sourcing new products to stock.

There are a total of six modules with the employee spending six months at each allocation, though this format is very flexible to allow the graduate to focus their involvement on their specific interests.

Recently, one programme participant took an active role in the carbon neutrality research and calculations while another embarked on a series of warehouse efficiency projects. By attracting highly intelligent candidates and investing significant resource into their mentoring and development, some of the cohort go on to fulfil senior management positions. This careful cultivation of talent introduces fresh perspectives, intellect and skills into the packaging industry for phenomenal results year after year.

Following the same philosophy of identifying talented individuals and growing their expertise ‘on the job’, Kite run an enterprising sales academy to train the next experts in business. When potential and personal drive is valued over industry experience, individuals are encouraged to apply their unique perspectives and skills to think in different ways. This year, ten people have joined the academy where they will receive support from a mentoring team over a loosely two year period, dependent on the specific requirements of each person. Most of these employees will grow into Business Account Managers wherein they are granted the freedom to truly excel in their role with uncapped growth opportunities. This method of recruitment welcomes a breadth of different backgrounds to diversify the skillset of the business.

The growing company is also on the search for new Warehouse Operatives to keep the essential swift order fulfilment of the business running smoothly. The team has already grown considerably over the past year to reflect the surge in packaging orders to supply ecommerce businesses. For the first time, a day shift and night shift has been introduced to get goods picked and dispatched 24/7, maximizing overall output. Yet, the rate of demand increase continues to rise, creating quality jobs for people local to the Coventry area. As with every position within Kite, the role comes with the exciting opportunity to become a shareholder after six months of employment, alongside a wealth of other benefits. This enables you to directly profit from the amount of work put in while belonging to a greater community of people similarly determined to produce excellent results, whatever their role. This culture generates an exciting and productive workplace ideal for a hardworking, ambitious individual to thrive. In line with the Kite ethos of developing skills wherever possible, the company supplies in-house forklift certification thanks to our experienced Warehouse Managers.

To further strengthen Kite’s position as the leading online packaging distributor, the company also nurtures those with excellent interpersonal and communicative skills through their Telesales academy. This diverse team comes from a range of backgrounds to bring different qualities to the table while all benefitting from the same degree of education, support and training from experienced leaders within the operational team. As with all of Kite’s development programmes, this academy is a prime factor in the fast growth of both the company as a whole and the individual’s prospects once they enter the company. Employees can graduate from this academy into a variety of different teams within the Telesales operation: managing key accounts, making outreach calls and answering enquiries, for example. All of these endeavours are incentivised with friendly competition and commission-based rewards with an annual raffle wherein the top sellers are granted greater chances of winning big. Irrespective of these challenges, each member of the team is celebrated for their individual merits and issued ongoing support to meet their full potential; ultimately, all of Kite is working toward the same goal.

Kite’s Government Accredited Share Scheme has helped create success for its employees year after year, illustrating the success of a business centred on partnership and the furtherance of each individual’s talents within the firm. For every year of the company’s running, the share price has increased thanks to the hard work of all teams across the business. This progress has direct financial benefit to the workforce, encouraging continued determination for the following year. This perpetual growth empowers Kite to invest back into the very people who propel its success, granting training and opportunities wherever useful for the packaging company. The supportive environment of continual learning appeals to those who share Kite’s vision to be the best distributor in its sector, attracting top talent and enviable results.

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