Biofuels such as fossil-free green diesel HVO fuel are a beneficial diesel alternative that can enable businesses, homeowners, and drivers alike to lower their emissions by a staggering 90%. And one of the better parts of this type of diesel alternative is that it can be used safely in any diesel engine, so you won’t have to make pricey engine changes to protect the planet.

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That said, if you are not entirely confident that making the switch to HVO fuel will have a drastically positive influence on your life and that of the planet, we have listed the most prominent advantages that this fuel holds over regular fossil-fuel diesel.

Reducing Emission Significantly

While electric vehicles do reduce emissions, we must still consider the unfortunate fact that these vehicles are fueled by batteries that need to be charged. And due to the lack of renewable energy infrastructure, most drivers would have to power their cars with harmful electricity.

On the other hand, HVO fuel proves capable of lowering emissions by as much as 90%, and that’s reduction enough actually to make a difference to the environment. And we all know just how severe the global climate crisis is, so making such changes should be a priority for everyone.

Protecting the planet has also become a growing concern on everyone’s minds, but especially businesses whose practices have the potential to make massively negative impacts. Fortunately, switching to HVO fuel where possible and even considering replacing plastic pallet wrap with eco-friendly sugarcane biofilm are changes businesses can make to help protect our planet.

It’s Renewable

Utilizing renewable sources has become more critical now than ever before. And this is relevant to everyone, not just businesses. Because fossil fuels are not renewable, they won’t be around forever. And so, making gradual changes now to renewable and sustainable solutions will make the transition more comfortable and gradual.

Instead of one day having to suddenly change all your power sources to more renewable options, making gradual changes now is the more viable option.

HVO Is Biodegradable

HVO fuel will have absolutely no negative impacts on the environment; it’s renewable and biodegradable. So, making the switch will ensure you are shrinking your carbon footprint in meaningful ways.

There are tons of other biodegradable products to opt for. And harmful plastics are among the most significant concerns in terms of biodegradability, so switching to plastic alternatives is also a great idea.

Various Uses

HVO fuel has as many uses as regular road diesel. You can power your home heating system, your generators, and various diesel vehicles. Because this fuel is the perfect alternative to traditional diesel, you won’t have to invest in new engines that are suitable for the fuel. Therefore, this is a substantially easy switch to make for anyone.

Safer To Use

If you have a home generator, you already know that you need to store your generator and diesel fuel safely, keeping the generator substantially far from your property, so you don’t inhale the fumes and develop health ailments.

There’s no arguing the safety concerns of regular white diesel. Fortunately, HVO fuel is perfectly safe to use. The hydrotreated vegetable oil is safe enough to use for heating and power solutions at home or business without worrying about health concerns.

Because it’s generally safer to use and less tricky to store; as a result, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t consider making the critical switch to a more sustainable fuel option. Furthermore, you’ll also be able to store bulk HVO fuel while not having to worry about the safety specifics. This makes bulk buying more of a feasible option, even for homeowners.

The Only Downfalls

There’s only one current downfall to using HVO fuel in place of harmful fossil fuels, and that’s, unfortunately, the purchase price. HVO fuel is a little more pricey than regular white diesel. However, the difference your decision will make to the environment is genuinely worth spending a little extra and making sure you use your fuel efficiently.

What’s more, for businesses, this extra spend is fast becoming an essential additional cost, as many governments worldwide search for ways to encourage companies to steer clear of fossil fuel usage. So, you might have no choice but to make the switch to HVO fuel. And if you decide to buy your HVO fuel in bulk and store it, you can enjoy bulk buying savings, as most suppliers offer this option to attract more consumers to purchase larger quantities.

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