Leader in Warehouse Robotics Automation Establishes European Headquarters to Serve European Customer Base

Locus Robotics, the leader in autonomous mobile robots (AMR) for fulfilment warehouses and distribution centres, has formally opened its new European headquarters.

The new facility, based in Amsterdam, will support Locus’s existing EU and UK customer base, and is intended to develop new opportunities within the fast-growing European warehouse fulfilment and distribution sectors.

“Our decision to expand our presence in the European market was a logical step in our business growth strategy,” said Rick Faulk, CEO of Locus Robotics. “Choosing Amsterdam gives us a central location that is ideal for serving our customer base, as well as giving us access to a vibrant and diverse talent pool to recruit from.”

With warehouse fulfilment volumes increasing globally, access to labour has become a critical issue. Companies are turning to automation to meet the exploding demands while keeping labour recruiting, training, and retention costs down. In fact, Locus recently passed the half-billion picking milestone and LocusBots globally are now picking almost two million items every day.

“Our Amsterdam office will allow us the flexibility to support our European clients in real time as the needs of order fulfilment continue to grow around the continent,” said Denis Niezgoda, Vice President, Europe. “We are ideally positioned to scale and support the growing demand.”

The new location will also assemble and service the company’s award-winning autonomous mobile robot solution for the European market, providing faster deployment, management, and support services.

The opening of the new facility in Amsterdam is the latest development in a busy few months for Locus; a period which has seen it conclude its first major acquisition and complete its second major funding deal in the space of twelve months.

The acquisition of Waypoint Robotics, an industry leader in industrial strength, autonomous, omnidirectional mobile robots, broadens the Locus product line of proven AMR solutions designed to address use cases from e-commerce, case-picking, and pallet-picking to scenarios requiring larger, heavier payloads and fulfilment modalities. In addition to opening up new market opportunities, the acquisition strengthens Locus’s ability to resolve order fulfilment challenges and warehouse labour shortages.

Locus Robotics’ European headquarters is located at Toetsenbordweg 26, 1033 MZ Amsterdam, The Netherlands.  Amsterdam is one of the top logistics hubs in the world, and several Locus’s retail and 3PL customers are headquartered there. The location provides an ideal base from which to serve a growing customer base. It also provides direct access to a vibrant and diverse talent pool. The office will allow Locus the flexibility to support its European clients in real time as the needs of order fulfilment continue to grow around the continent.

For more information, please visit www.locusrobotics.com.  

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