As a continually enterprising employee share-owned business, Kite Packaging continues to trailblaze technical innovations within the sector. The company’s latest advancement is the construction of a purpose-built Mobile Packaging Laboratory (MPL) that will empower the team to reach businesses across the country by testing, developing, and demonstrating packaging solutions to revolutionise their operation. This new vehicle is home to top technological equipment combined with an abundance of space to grant customers ample room to meet and review their packaging processes.

Enter the 56m2 laboratory via either of the two extended staircases or 1.5t integrated tail lift to be welcomed by an ultra-sleek interior. The fully equipped laboratory is easy to set up, taking only 30 minutes once positioned at a customer’s premises, or wherever is convenient for them, to offer optimal convenience.

The testing cube exemplifies Kites ethos of creative innovation designed to serve customers individual needs. Situated at one side of the vehicle, is the clear box structure that allows those onboard to visibly observe how their product responds to conditions common during transit: incorporating a digital visual display screen, the box testing unit contains a variable force impact tester, random drop test, tumble test and vibration test. Scientific recordings to either pass or fail the packaging can be retrieved and analysed by customers and Kites expert team.

To ensure comprehensive protection is being offered by your packaging solution, Kite can demonstrate their products in action using the new multi-axis drop facility. This tests the durability of every surface area of your parcel with flat drop, edge drop and corner drop settings.

Gain complete reassurance that your products can survive any angle of impact by seeing the results for yourself, combining your products with Kites suggested solutions or putting your existing packaging to the test. Compare the end results with our expert team of specialists to make the most scientific decision possible on how to pack your goods.

For companies shipping pallets of product where load retention is crucial, Kite has included a comprehensive stretch wrap performance test that will assess the stability of the load versus the cost-effectivity of the wrap being used. A pallet loaded with your goods can be placed on the automated Roboplat system to demonstrate machine wraps, or a hand film can be applied manually depending on the user’s requirements. The team can load your current stretch wrap to test the thickness using a micrometer, the multi-directional strength using a pull plate and the degree of stretch using the indicator. The pallet is rigorously tested in these areas to ascertain whether a load would be stable and safe in transit, before economising your wrap consumption; evaluating the most efficient quantity and quality wrap to comfortably do the job. Typically, this results in considerable cost savings alongside a reduction of waste.

These assessments take into account the amount of plastic usage, continuing Kite’s commitment to strategically minimising their own and their client’s impact on the planet. This environmental awareness is evident throughout the design of the MPL. The internal lighting is fully solar-powered and the vehicle itself is Euro 6 complaint, meaning that it stays below the regulated limit of harmful emissions. Furthermore, the very structure of the facility has been built with sustainability in mind, using plastic panels containing 80% recycled content. This new asset is a true extension of Kite’s legacy to provide technically excellent industrial solutions rooted in eco-consciousness to satisfy the needs of today’s businesses.

Gavin Ashe, Kite Packaging Managing Partner, reiterates this sentiment, commenting that “This new MPL represents a significant investment by Kite to help our customers find a more efficient and greener packaging solution. It allows us to take what is probably the best equipped packaging innovation and testing facility directly to our customers”.

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