Anord Mardix has improved wireless network performance at three of its UK production facilities with a high-performance WiFi solution from Redway Networks. The new Cambium cloud-networking platform is providing uninterrupted communications between Anord Mardix’s in-house operations software and over 1,000 mobile devices used for scanning equipment on the shop floor.

Anord Mardix is the world’s leading electrical engineering and manufacturing organisation with facilities across EMEA, APAC and North America ensuring critical power supply to a myriad of industries with customers including leading social media providers and data hosting giants around the world. Anord Mardix brings over 100 years of experience in comprehensive engineering excellence to each of its projects and to continuously exceed client demand, it relies heavily on a robust communications infrastructure.

Due to Anord Mardix’s continued expansion and adoption of the latest technology and mobile devices, its existing WiFi solution couldn’t support its connectivity and coverage demands of its production facilities and its workforce was experiencing WiFi dropouts.

Toby Turner, Group IT Director at Anord Mardix says: “Our business has grown enormously and because the legacy WiFi was originally set up for devices on the 2.4GHz range it wasn’t optimised to support our needs as we moved to newer devices on the 5GHz range, which meant we kept losing connection. We have an inhouse iOS application that we use to scan and log product build times and due to the slow WiFi and inadequate coverage our workforce was spending more time at the final product scan stage which was delaying getting products out of the door. This highlighted the need to upgrade our wireless network to a more up-to-date, resilient wireless network that would speed up this process and improve efficiencies.”

Redway Networks conducts WiFi survey

Toby says: “We needed bullet proof WiFi and I knew Redway Networks had the wireless experience and warehousing expertise to recommend the best-fit solution.”

Redway then conducted a professional WiFi survey using Ekahau’s heat-mapping software and a report was presented to Anord Mardix to demonstrate the transformational changes a new Cambium WiFi solution would deliver both now and for technology trends in the future.

Anord Mardix selects Cambium WiFi

Toby says: “Due to the nature of our business our facilities are complex, dusty environments with lots of components that can interfere with the WiFi signal, so we needed robust APs and Redway Networks recommended Cambium as its cnPilot WiFi technology is ‘watertight’ and can withstand the heat and dust of warehouse environments and it has many antenna options to ensure the WiFi signal is strongest where needed.”

Toby says: “Redway Networks gave me the WiFi report on what we currently had and what we would have with Cambium in terms of improved performance. I then presented our HR department with a blended hourly rate which highlighted how many hours were being wasted by staff waiting for the existing WiFi to work and how this was affecting efficiency. This confirmed that Cambium would provide exceptional WiFi performance at a low total cost of ownership.”

Redway Networks delivered a seamless migration to the new Cambium WiFi with no interruption to Anord Mardix’s business. Toby says: “Redway Network’s engineer was brilliant and the changeover to Cambium was seamless. He created the same SSI and password for all the devices on the shop floor so as soon as an old AP was switched off, the new AP was switched on.”

WiFi is a game changer during Covid

Toby says: “We also had external APs mounted at our Blackburn site as this is where we do our client factory acceptance testing when customers can’t come onsite. This involves a build pod for assembling our switchgear so that it gets delivered as one unit. Before our new Cambium WiFi, we had to run cables outside to the test team’s laptops which was a nuisance. But now we can do all our remote testing seamlessly on the WiFi in full HD video, which turned out to be a real game changer for us during the pandemic.”

Cambium delivers results

Anord Mardix now has a robust, secure WiFi solution that never loses signal and has improved network visibility and management. Toby says: “We now have one pane of glass for all our network monitoring and control functions which has given us more visibility on what’s going on with the network. My team can see any network issues quickly and troubleshoot remotely which has saved considerable time.”

Toby says: “Cambium has given us much better network reliability and speed and we now have great coverage in all our facilities with no black spots, which has definitely improved warehouse productivity. Even with our high racking at Castle Mills, Cambium’s directional antenna can send the signal down in between the racking and deliver a constant connection to even the smallest devices. Our old WiFI was omnidirectional which only gave a dome of coverage which never materialised into a decent connection. I’m really impressed with our new Cambium WiFi, and Redway Networks delivered an exceptional service throughout the whole project.”


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