For many companies, adaptivity to ecommerce has been a key factor in evolving their business model this year. Even with the high street reopening, consumer behaviour has changed irreversibly because of the unique benefits of online shopping. Consequently, ecommerce investments have rocketed to the top of priority lists. Professional packaging that aids the efficiency of logistics is vital to meet demand, satisfy the changing requirements of consumers and benefit from the cultural shift. Kite Packaging operates a market leading B2B website offering a broad range of ecommerce packaging products for companies keen to dominate the changing retail environment.

Ecommerce packaging necessitates low-cost, efficient solutions available to buy in bulk while constantly checking in with the increasingly environmentally aware audience. Business owners must balance the delivery of an unforgettable purchasing experience with the drive for ultimate dispatch speed to secure a loyal base of repeat buyers. Kite addresses both considerations with the following selection of products which intertwine aesthetics with premium functionality to support a high volume of orders. Unlike on a physical shop floor, there is no limit to selling potential on a virtual marketplace, thus it is important to have a frictionless logistics operation in place.

The range of ecommerce boxes supplied by Kite are purpose-built for speed and reliability while boasting an 100% recyclable and biodegradable construction. The crash lock base design slashes assembly time in addition to folding flat when not in use to save valuable storage space. The integrated peel-&-seal adhesive strip and open tear feature eliminate the need for any tape or glue, further streamlining the packing process.

Complement these boxes with Kite’s hivewrap which is the newest sustainable innovation and increasingly popular alternative to bubble wrap. Comprised of tessellating hexagonal cells that can expand and mould around products, this fully recyclable and biodegradable paper wrap is superbly flexible. This intricate construction will elevate the un-boxing experience for customers while establishing a company’s brand as an advocate for eco-friendly packaging solutions. Furthermore, hivewrap compares significantly better to bubble wrap in terms of storage, by taking up 20 times less space thereby conserving that all important physical area needed to maintain stock levels. One of the greatest appeals of online shopping is the immediacy of home delivery and the increased product range: both of which rely on plenty of warehouse space and an effective packing operation. Kite’s sustainable alternative to foam and bubble fulfils both requirements while working to reduce plastic in packaging.

Shredded paper offers a protective solution that is reusable, recyclable, biodegradable and both FSC and PEFC certified for optimal sustainability. This form of paper is stronger than standard styles, providing phenomenal protection to any goods sent within one of Kite’s ecommerce boxes.

The small shreds work into every corner of a box to fill even the smallest gaps and minimise movement within the packaging, providing ample cushioning and shock absorption. Ideal as ecommerce packaging, this void fill can be grabbed and packed quickly while presenting stylish eco-consciousness.

The temporary closure of restaurants and pubs has enabled drinks companies to further leverage ecommerce as a route to market, taking advantage of an increase in at-home cocktails and private dining. Glass bottles warrant well engineered packaging solutions to guarantee safe delivery; Kite introduces two innovative options. Flexi-hex and corrugated bottle sleeves both provide exceptional protection while being recyclable, biodegradable, moisture resistant and adaptable. The former consists of a similar honeycomb structure to hivewrap while the latter is a traditional corrugated material and can be purchased with tailor-made postal boxes at a discounted price. A wide range of items such as ceramics or jars can also be protected from damage with these sleeves.

Where established businesses have had to rapidly adapt, new businesses have also opted to enter the online selling world. Both instances make high-quality packaging indispensable for creating a trusted online shopping experience in terms of perfect protection, presentation and the knock-on effects to delivery times and stock management. Successfully embracing ecommerce has become a key factor for businesses both old and new, with analysts predicting that at least half of each retail pound will be spent online over the next decade. Kite Packaging’s position as the leading online supplier of packaging products positions them perfectly to help other businesses embrace the future of retail shopping.

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